What is the most Responsive Classified Website in Sri Lanka?

You are in the right place. Classified advertising in Sri Lanka is found in periodicals, newspapers and also on different web sites. Companies, corporate entities as well as individuals can publish advertisements for sale of products and services through classifieds. Users can look for real estate properties, employment, rental property, services, pets, electronics, computers, phones, automobiles etc.

Through classifieds one can also seek certain services or products from service providers. The classifieds sections can be used by people wishing to buy and sell property, cars, vehicles etc. It is also widely used to publish advertisements for renting and sharing houses, flats, office spaces, garage spaces etc. Prospective employees can also search for suitable jobs in Sri Lanka.

Why danweem.com ?

1). Danweem.com is Sri Lanka's Largest Advertising portal

2). It is totally Free

3). It has been in service since 2005 with very many responses

4). It has fast delivery and a secure method for protecting your privacy.

5). It is not fully automated and administrators correct your advertisements.

How to advertise on danweem.com

  • Very simple registration using your email.
  • Firstly, select the proper category for your ads.
  • Fill the form and submit, and that is all.

Please make sure you include the following facts before you send in order to increase visitors

  • Include a creative title in your description, which should be more than 7 words
  • Also include descriptions with all details and summarize about all that you need to sell in at least 60 words