Sri Lanka On Line is one of the fast growing long standing and successful Internet Service Providers in Sri Lanka. We offer our customers the unique blend of Technology, in an effective and efficient manner we understand the expectation of each customer and offer comprehensive and high performance technology solutions. SOL are pioneers in the field, founded in 1998 first as Internet service Providers and shifted its emphasis and investment to many areas, such as internet & email advanced web related services, Computer sales, networking, Software development, Web based security camera system, mail servers, All kind of Artwork designing and highly advanced technical support as well as designing and development to meet today’s business challenges. We were fortunate enough to be able to realize and understand the challenges and issues. Our industry would face as it expanded. Even more fortunately, we have been able to develop original tools unbeatable designing and hosting packages that continue to meet the needs of a fluctuating market.

We believe that an unblemished and proud record to our success we enjoy today is based on a global network and stay in forefront of information technology and related services with a highly satisfied clientele which is on an appreciable ascending.

From the beginning SOL mission has been to make the value- added advanced- technology-hosting-developing solutions that large corporations enjoy to make available to large corporations to small and medium sized businesses. To help them leverage the power of the internet to grow thus business Today- Tomorrow.

Our main objective is to innovate excellent service levels in order to get Customers satisfaction is according to achieve a very high level of performance. We hope to maintain customer loyalty through honesty and high level of business integrity.

Most fortunately we were early and able to realize and understand the challenges and issues our company would face as it expanded even, we have developed our team of Engineers, Technicians, Customer Support and Customer Care in “The Value of each Customer, A respect for innovation, a dedication to help our customers and trust in team work.