Star Sports

Star Sports is an online destination that brings the best of LIVE sports in India. It offers unbeatable coverage of live matches through the world’s most advanced data integrated player, live scores, commentary, highlights and perspectives of the best analysts from around the world. You can access from a browser on your laptop, personal computer or any hand-held device. It is also available as an application on the iOS and Android store. Features

World’s first video timeline for cricket that marks key moments of a match, while it happens, allowing users to go back, relive the moment and jump back into the action in real time.

Advanced video player that was customized for the platform. The player integrates data with LIVE video to provide a compelling LIVE viewing experience. Fans can view scorecards, player statistics and join the social conversation without leaving the LIVE match environment. 

First of its kind video scorecard, that brings the statistics alive with video clips of key moments supported by detailed analytics and graphics. Fans can also catch up on games through replays and highlights.

Star Power Index, a dynamic rating system to assess every player’s impact on the match and a new way to evaluate the game.

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