The Stardust Beach Hotel

The Stardust lies on Arugam Bay on the South East coast of Sri Lanka, idyllically situated by the water.

A large lagoon is to one side, where wild elephants congregate for an evening 'shower'. On the other, the gardens in front of the restaurant open directly on to the broad sweep of Arugam Bay and the Indian Ocean - many miles of pristine tropical beaches deserted but for the clusters of fishermen's boats dotted here and there, and little thatched villages huddled just above the waterline, where small children jump up and down and scream with excitement at the sight of a visitor.

The Stardust was created by Merete Scheller and Per Goodman, who, assisted by friendly and competent local staff, have taken the best that this lush and stunningly beautiful tropical island has to offer, added the civilized comforts of Denmark - an excellent restaurant, fine wines, innovative and delightful accommodation - to create a holiday destination you would only expect to find in a dream. Per Goodman deceased in the Tsunami at Stardust Beach Hotel. Merete Scheller survived the waves, rebuilt the ruins, and continued running the hotel.


Apart from running a hotel with a high standard of service for our guests our aims are: to create employment for people in the area, which has an unemployment rate of 70%, to train our employees in the hotel disciplines & teach them to collaborate with each other, to introduce high building standards with simple materials, to induce greater awareness of hygiene and preservation of the environment in respect of ecologically sound removal of refuse & sewage discharge.

We are now able to offer full employment for 20 persons. At the moment 12 families derive their main sustenance from the running of the hotel, and another 20 families benefit to a certain degree from the business. We are constantly training local people. Several of our former employees has since found employment abroad.


The Stardust Body Works & Massage Centre

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

This massage targets your most troubled muscles with intensive work deep below the superficial layers, where tension hides. It is ideal for after workouts and for chronic tension or pain. Helps balance problem areas, Improve circulation, reduces stress and fatigue and relieves stubborn knots.

Combination Massage

A blend of massage techniques ranging from Deep tissue and Zen shiatsu, to Acucrystal pressure and Reflexology, combines traditional massage with Aromatherapy, heated Gemstones and crystal wands. The heat of the stones will open up your body’s energy channels, encouraging toxins to be removed, and the aroma oils will send a message to the mind to relax. Given by 2 therapists.


The feet have an abundance of nerve endings, which connect to every organ in the body. Specific acupressure and massage techniques applied to the reflex and meridian points on the feet. This ancient healing help to relax the nervous system, improve lymphatic drainage, dissolves blockade energy and relax the entire body.

Head-to-toe pressure-points

Deep muscle Acupressure massage combines with mini facial. Using thumb pressure along meridian lines. Face, shoulders, arms and feet are rubbed to deep relaxation. This treatment stimulates the functioning of internal organs.

Facial & neck treatment

Using traditional Chinese Jade stone massage roller, for relaxation & skin tone, combined with Dead Sea mud pack.